PV100: Intro to Photovoltaics

This 2-day entry-level workshop will provide the basic concepts of solar whether your plan is to enter the ever growing solar industry, advance a career, or simply learn what the solar buzz is all about. This course provides a solid foundation for the intermediate level of PV training and certification in our five-day PV200: PV Design and Installation Intensive course.The format for this class will be lecture, discussion and some hands-on.

PV200: Design & Installation

This 5-day intensive solar training course offers 40 hours of critical knowledge and hands-on practice in the essentials of photovoltaic (PV) technology. The course content has been honed through 15 years of experience and is taught by experienced industry professionals. If you are a contractor or electrician interested in expanding your business, would like to start a solar business, or just want an in-depth look into how Solar PV works, then this course is for you!

Through presentation, students will learn solar fundamentals: basic electricity, celestial mechanics, energy efficiency, solar markets and applications, system design, system components, construction safety and solar tools. Through hands-on practice, students gain experience in mounting solar panels, racking with roof penetrations, wiring inverters, DC and AC disconnects and load center/service panels.

This course is designed to meet the learning objectives in preparation for the NABCEP Photovoltaic Associate Exam. As such, the course offers an excellent foundation in solar technology and provides opportunity for hands-on training whether or not you choose to take the exam.

The format for this class will be lecture, discussion and lots of hands-on.

PV300: PV for Professionals

5-day course covers the fundamental knowledge requirements of a solar installation professional. It is accredited through IREC and designed to address the NABCEP job task analysis. The PV300 class trains solar students and professionals with the skills needed in real world applications and prepares students for certification through NABCEP’s PV Installation Professional exam. It meets 40 hours of the required education units.

The format for this class will be primarily lecture and discussion.

Online Courses

Whether your career track is project management, PV installation, finance, sales, marketing, building inspection, customer service or administrative support, our eCourse series provides a solid foundation to build or jump-start your solar industry career.