Solar Training (Photovoltaics)

Whether your career track is project management, PV installation, finance, sales, marketing, building inspection, customer service or administrative support, our eCourse series provides a solid foundation to build or jump-start your solar industry career.

Solar PV Design &
Installation Training

Solar PV Sales

Solar PV Sales
Economics & Financing

Advanced Solar PV
Marketing & Sales

Permaculture Training

Led by Matt Powers who is an author, educator, speaker, and family guy whose online courses, books, and videos help individuals, groups, and organizations realize health and abundance by living in harmony with nature.

The Permaculture
Student k-12

Permaculture Gardening
w/ Matt Powers

The Permaculture Student
for Adult Learners

The Advanced
Permaculture Student

Entrepreneurs & Experts

Natural Building

Learn how to build your own home and manage water flow & storage efficiently, creatively, and sustainably.

Eco Home & Abundance of Water
Master Class