Greeting Nature-Lovers, Wild-Crafters, Fermenters, Farmers, Felters, Weavers, Tanners, Knappers, Hikers, Hunters, Bowyers, Herders, Musicians, Medicine-Makers, Smithies, Skill-Billies, and Citizens of Planet Earth!!   We are busy planning and preparing for our first ever Elderflower Earth Skills Gathering, right here in Mendocino County. 

The gathering will take place July 27th-29th at The Solar Living Institute in Hopland, CA!
This event will include classes such as friction fire, native plants, bow-making, basket weaving, hide tanning, felting, fermentation, cordage, mushrooms, acorn processing,  and much much more. This will be a family friendly event and kids will be welcome! 

We will also have a trade blanket and barter faire, so start making your homemade goods now. Everything from jams to mead to baskets to hand forged knives to hand knit socks... be creative! 

Jini Reynolds & Corine Pierce
Primal Posture, Goat Soap or Goats 101, Basic introduction to Permaculture, Subsistence gardening and small livestock, Seed ball Making w/ kids, Basket weaving, Plant walk, Polynesian Dream Interpretation class, Planting native bulbs, sedges and grasses.  Making Mushroom medicine, Buckskin Pouches, Yoga, Flintknapping, Making Friction Fire, Poetry and Creative Writing, Beekeeping, Meadmaking, Wet felting, Needle felting, Permaculture Herbalism, Archery, Sheath Making, Whisk Broom Making, Kids' Programs and More!
To learn more and buy your tickets visit the registration page
In the meantime, if you feel that you have a skill that you could teach or would like to be one of our work-traders, please send us an email to us at elderflowergathering@gmail.com.  Instructors and work-traders will receive a comped ticket to the event, but these are limited so email sooner the better!