Permaculture Workshop: Soil Secrets, Science, & Solutions

Price: $60.00



Saturday, October 19th ::: 1pm-5pm ::: $60

Join Matt Powers at the Solar Living Institute this Oct 19th for an amazing 4-hr intensive course on soil science, solutions, and secrets. Learn to compost, make compost tea, feed the soil food web, turn dirt into soil, handle pests and disease with natural solutions, make your plants invincible, and, of course, all the fasttrack solutions and shortcuts to make it easier for you to build soil, remediate soil, and handle waste products safely. Learn what other folks are doing, but not talking about – Unlock the power of Soil with Matt Powers this Oct 19th 2019 in Hopland at the Solar Living Institute.
What will I learn?
– Thermophilic Composting
– Vermicomposting
– EM & Bokashi Making & Composting
– Orchard Composting
– Compost Tea Brewing – Different Brews for Different Situations
– Biochar Creation & Benefits
– Plant-based Soil Remediation & Building
– Animal Grazing-based Soil Remediation & Building
– Soil Mycology & Soil Food Web Science
– Remineralizing Soils
– Soil-Based Business Training
You can work with soil in the garden, in the orchard, in the fields and meadows, in the home, and in business – they all connect and empower each other. Join Matt Powers this October at the Solar Living Institute for a deep dive into the world beneath our feet.
Online permaculture course instructor Matt Powers

Matt Powers is an author, educator, speaker, and family guy whose online courses, books, and videos help individuals, groups, and organizations realize health and abundance by living in harmony with nature.

His first published work, The Permaculture Student 1, has been translated into more than a dozen languages, and he is the host of the An Abundant Future podcast.

Event Details

Start date: October 19, 2019

End date: October 19, 2019

Start time: 01:00 p.m.

End time: 05:00 p.m.

Venue: Solar Living Institute - Classroom Yurt

Phone: 707-472-2456