Gardening: Soils, Seeds, & Nutritional Needs

Gardening: Soils, Seeds, & Nutritional Needs

May 4th 1pm – 4pm ::: $45

This 3-hour interactive workshop is designed for the beginning and intermediate gardener and is suitable for ages 12 and older.  Through lecture, exercises, and hands-on practice, participants will learn tips and tricks to successfully germinate and grow seeds, care for seedlings, and nurture young transplants.  Direct seeding tips and tricks will also be covered.

You will be getting your hands dirty in this workshop, so you may wish to bring gloves.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • prepare each seed type properly for best germination
  • prepare soil mixes appropriate for each seed type and for all stages of growth
  • understand when conditions are best for germination and for transplanting
  • utilize methods for heating or cooling soil to best support germination and growth
  • provide young plants with necessary nutrition
  • identify some common problems and know how to correct them
  • get plants off to a good start after transplanting
  • successfully direct sow seeds in gardens or planters


  • Understanding seeds and their needs
  • Germination tips and tricks
  • Soil mixes for various stages of growth
  • Nutritional needs for various stages of growth
  • Planting containers
  • How and when to transplant
  • Avoiding transplant shock and providing protection
  • Direct seeding
  • Methods for moderating temperature fluctuations


Landa Roon has been gardening and growing her own plants from seeds for over 40 years.  As an avid gardener and permaculture advocate, Landa is well versed in all forms of plant propagation and enjoys expanding her knowledge through experimentation in her greenhouse, yard, and 1-acre food forest garden.

Price: $45.00

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Event Details

Start date: May 04, 2019

End date: May 04, 2019

Start time: 13:00

End time: 16:00

Venue: Solar Living Institute - Classroom Yurt

Phone: 707-472-2456