Bio Veda Academy: Eco Home & Abundance of Water Masterclass

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SLI is excited to be affiliated with Bio Veda and we hope that you enjoy these online classes designed by Alosha Lynov. CLICK HERE to read even more about the course and to enroll.

with Bio Veda Academy

Do you want to design and build a simple, economical, robust and beautiful
Living Eco Home?

In Bio-Veda’s self study online comprehensive training you will practically learn, from start-to-finish, how to build a Living Eco Home which interacts with Natural phenomena and expresses tried and tested permaculture ecosystemic design ethics. This solar passive home is designed to nurture and protect you and your family for many generations.

Benefits of a Living Eco Home:
1. Neutralises harmful effects of EMR
2. Interacts with sun, shade, wind, snow and harvest
3. Stores rain in discreet, robust water reservoirs
4. Purifies rain with a Biochar Slow Sand filter
5. Recycles all of its own waste water 7x times for garden irrigation
6. Flushing of loos and bio-gas production
7. Withstanding degrees of up to 58 Fahrenheit

Course Outline Theory
Lesson 1 Plan your home on graph paper
Lesson 2 Planning out the electrical
Lesson 3 Planning out of plumbing
Lesson 4 Solar passive design and orientation
Lesson 5 Sacred Bio Geometry and Feng Shui
Lesson 6 Connecting the home to the sky
Lesson 7: Tyre basics
Lesson 8: Air-crete basics
Lesson 9: Super Adobe basics
lesson 10: Soil test and air-crete mix
Lesson 11: Working with chains and compasses
Lesson 12: Openings and buttresses
Lesson 13: Doors and windows
Lesson 14: Water proofing your home
Lesson 15: Legalities and code
Lesson 16: Onsite briefs and debriefs

1. Foundation work Ground drawings, digging of the foundations, leveling foundations.
2. Building of arch forms for all openings: Building forms to support all doors and windows.
3. Building the wall: Constructing aircrete and super adobe walls.
4. Building around window and door frames: Tricks and tips for building bags and bricks for doors, arches, stone placements etc.
5. Weaving of domes together: Connecting domes together: aircrete to aircrete / super adobe to aircrete/super adobe to super adobe
6. Adding tensile forces: Tensile forces for both dome construction methods, namely reinforced cloth for aircrete and barb wire for super adobe.
7. Upper levels of the dome: Completion of the dome, including shaping of the bricks and bags to fit around the tight curvature.
8. Skylight and window work:
Installation of the beam for skylight, levelling of the surfaces for skylight installation and skylight installation.
9. Water works:
Constructing a custom rain water gutter for curvilinear structures. Making benches that filter water using sand and gravel.
10. Water storage:
Build an underground water storage or a safety bunker under your home with a 10.000 gallon capacity. Convert a standard chlorine pool into a eco pond which can be used as a drinking water back up as well as a reservoir for garden irrigation.

11. Grey and Black water recycling:
Create 3 types of constructed wetlands which will take care of all your waste water. Install a biogas digester which will make flammable methane from sewerage. Build a wetland to turn poo into clean irrigation.

12. Terraces:
Building beautiful curvilinear permaculture terraces which turn your garden into a sponge. From parking bays to tree benches. Construct a 54 metre curvilinear wall with water / recycling holding spaces.


Do you want to design and build a water system that provides an abundance of water whilst artistically blending into the natural and comfortable fluid flow forms?

In Bio-Veda’s self study online comprehensive training you will practically learn, from start-to-finish, how to practically create full water self-suffciency, in any environment, in the shortest time possible, with a variety of low tech DIY and affordable projects.

Benefts of the Abundance of Water online course:
1. Harvest rain from roof, pavement and ground using permaculture earthworks
2. Store rain discretely in visually appealing low cost DIY reservoirs
3. Transform your chlorine pool
4. Filter city, rain and bore hole water with a DIY Biochar Slow Sand filter at a rate of 300 litres per day
5. Pressurise harvested, filtered water to all your taps through a vortex imploding pipe creating living water
6. Recycle grey and black waste water and reuse it 7x over in your garden and home

Course Topics

Learn how to build:
– an alternative low cost gutter system using simple permaculture earthworks that impregnate and store water in the ground.
– a simple leaf and dust catcher.

Learn how to build three types of water tanks:
1. Ferro Cement 6000 litre
2. Sandbag 16000 litre
3. Underground 40000 litre water reservoir – a constructed wetland to transform chlorine pool into an eco pond.

Learn how to :
– build a slow sand Biochar filter which treats 300 litres of city rain or borehole water per day turning it into pristine spring quality.
– remove iron from borehole water and pretreat and remove nutrients from harvested water prior to Bio Char filtration.

Learn how to:
– create 3 types of constructed wetlands which will take care of all your waste water.
– install a biogas digester which will make flammable methane from sewerage and build a wetland to turn human waste into clean irrigation.

Learn how to:
– build a natural eco pool with a constructed wetland. This will be a provider of clean drinking water back up as well as a reservoir for garden irrigation.
– use your pool to harvest and store rain water or snow melt. Your pool will be an attraction for frogs and other life forms.

Learn how to:
– build a food growing machine which grows over 100 vegetables, flowers or herbs as well as 15 trays of micro greens, in any space, even on your balcony.
– Make a worm tower utilising kitchen waste, irrigated with grey water.

About Bio-Veda:
Bio Veda stands at the forefront of inventive and innovative ecological design. Inspired by the Genius of Nature and standing upon the shoulders of past eco giants, Alosha Lynov, founder of Bio Veda has been merging key Off – Grid -Wholistic – Living wisdom with the design language of Bio Geometry as well flow forms to produce practical step-by-step, fun, affordable and visually pleasing online training.