Magnesium based cement

Learn how to make and use MgO cement and blend it with fiber reinforcement for thin set concrete structures.

MgO/Phosphate aka Ceramicrete, Grancrete, Gigacrete, or AirKrete, is a Magnesium based cement that is much more friendly to the environment than Portland Cement.

Students will taking part in building the Mushroom House on-site at EcoTerra Center which is sustainably built with mushroom mycelium, reclaimed lumber, pummice-crete, and whole doug fir poles from a fire-load thinning project.

Both the building project and course are being led by Rye N Flint, a certified permaculture teacher, mushroom hunter / aficionado, and natural-materials builder.

Students should expect to do some heavy lifting, climb ladders, and get very dirty! Please wear appropriate clothing (not your favorite shoes!) and be sure to bring water, food, and anything else you feel you may need.

Workshop schedule:
10am – 11am: Setup and safety concerns.
11am – 1pm: Building preparation and cement mixing.
1pm – 4pm: Application of burlap to the building
4pm – 5pm: Cleanup of building site.

No designated lunch break – eat when you’re hungry, take breaks when you need to.

Price: $20

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