Intro to Aquaponics

What if there was way to produce an abundance of organic food using up to 98% less water, while producing up to 10x more food in the same amount of area? What if you could achieve this using ¼ the amount of energy, in a system that is totally scalable, does not require fertile soil, saves you lots of time and labor, makes you a good living and is incredibly sustainable? Well the exciting news is that such a system of growing food exists! It’s called “Aquaponics” and it is a combination of Aquaculture and Hydroponics. It is one of the most sustainable and productive farming systems in the world! At a time of global climate change, historic drought, depletion of resources, pollution of water and huge losses of top soil worldwide, there has never been a more important time to learn about Aquaponics!

Course Description

Aquaponics is one of the most sustainable and productive farming systems in the world. It combines Aquaculture and Hydroponics to create an almost self-sufficient closed loop system that uses only a fraction of the water, labor, energy, etc. that other methods use. Combining Permaculture Design with Aquaponics creates a truly closed loop system that is even more sustainable, dynamic, productive, and regenerative. In this 2-day introduction to Aquaponics you will learn about some of the most cutting edge and pioneering Aquaponics systems in the world and gain a solid foundation from which to begin your own Aquaponics system, farm and/or thriving green business! This course is a great place to begin your education while gaining invaluable experience in Permaculture-based Aquaponics.

Permaculture & Aquaponics

By fusing Permaculture and Aquaponics truly sustainable closed loop systems are created that provide all the needs for the system within the system itself. A Permaculture focus on aquaponics systems can produce virtually all of the system’s needs (water, energy, fish, feed, heat, gas, etc.) onsite. Additionally, all wastes produced by these system become resources and opportunities used to support, maintain and improve the Aquaponics system. Products of the systems include: harvested rainwater, solar electricity, solar heated air, solar heated water, fish, prawns, vegetables, fruit, compost, worms, insects, aquatic plants, algae, minnows, snails, dry and liquid fertilizers, even biogas!

Course Includes

Nor Cal Aquaponics logoThis introduction to Aquaponics with Applied Permaculture includes a detailed exploration into Aquaponics, its design, functions, adaptability, uses, variations and improvements. We will touch on many field formulas, calculations, estimates, guidelines, detailed construction plans, piping schematics, Permaculture design principal integration and so much more. This course is intended to give you an in depth introduction to truly unique integrated regenerative Aquaponics systems. In addition, all your questions relating to Aquaponics will be answered by Max Meyers of Nor Cal Aquaponics. Hope you can join us for the amazing course appropriately being held at one of California’s oldest and most successful Permaculture demonstration/education sites, EcoTerra (formerly known as the Solar Living Center).

Presented by Nor Cal Aquaponics and the Solar Living Institute.


Aquaponics and permaculture educator Maximillian MeyersMaximillian Meyers is an experienced Ecological Designer, Permaculture Teacher, Consultant, Commercial Aquaponics System Designer/Installer, Rainwater and Greywater System specialist, Farmer, and the Executive Director of Nor Cal Aquaponics. In 2003 he founded the Mendocino Ecological Learning Center (MELC), a nonprofit educational organization and ecological reserve offering green job training and sustainable living skills to the public. In addition to the work at MELC, Mr. Meyers provides Ecological design services to the public, organizations, and schools through Osiris Designs, Nor Cal Aquaponics and Living Mandala. Mr. Meyers has instructed well over 35 courses in Permaculture and Ecological Design in 7 countries around the world. He is passionate about all things related to a more just and sustainable world. Mr. Meyers has become the world’s leading expert in Aquaponics with Applied Permaculture. He has been studying, practicing and teaching Permaculture and Ecological Design for 13 years.

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