PCG101 Online:

Permaculture Gardening with Matt Powers

Learn to garden the permaculture way! This self-paced 8-week video-based course from inspirational educator and author Matt Powers offers an in-depth, easy-to-understand exploration into permaculture gardening.

Each of Permaculture Gardening‘s 8 weeks covers a different topic and is bolstered by online group discussion, sharing, and Q&A with permaculture experts and course alumni. This course is self-paced and includes lifetime access to course materials (videos, ebooks, community, and audio files).

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Course Topics

  • Week 1: Climate & Earthworks
  • Week 2: Cycles of the Soil
  • Week 3: What to Plant
  • Week 4: How to Plant
  • Week 5: How to Save Seed and Preserve the Harvest
  • Week 6: Managing Gardens & Food Forests
  • Week 7: Design Your Garden & Get Feedback
  • Week 8: Student Design Highlights & Reflection Points
Matt Powers Permaculture Gardening course student testimonial

Course Includes

  • The Permaculture Student Series eBooks (2) and Workbook
  • Lifetime access to the Permaculture Gardening Video Series
  • Downloadable audio files
  • Lifetime access to our private Facebook community to share, discuss, and ask questions for instructor Matt Powers & Permaculture Gardening course alumni
  • A Permaculture Gardener Certification
  • 3 months free access to Permaculture LIVE with Matt Powers, a monthly webinar featuring real-time Q&A
  • 5 Steps to a Regenerative Lifestyle eBook
  • In-depth compost training with Dr. Elaine Ingham
Earn your Permaculture Gardening Certificate


Online permaculture course instructor Matt Powers

Matt Powers is an author, educator, speaker, and family guy whose online courses, books, and videos help individuals, groups, and organizations realize health and abundance by living in harmony with nature.

His first published work, The Permaculture Student 1, has been translated into more than a dozen languages, and he is the host of the An Abundant Future podcast.

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