CC101 Green Your Grow - How To Grow More Sustainable Cannabis - Details
Dates:  07/15/2017 - 07/15/2017
Times:  9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Location:   Solar Living Center, Hopland, CA
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Ready to Green Your Grow?

Are you interested in learning how to grow clean and green Cannabis? Would you like to improve the quality of the cannabis you grow by moving beyond organic? Want to learn how to produce it using more sustainable, even regenerative practices? Well then, join us for this one of a kind class and learn how to Green Your Grow! This introductory class will help you improve your cannabis growing methods so that they are not only better for you and your pocket book, but for the consumers and the environment as well.

Why Take This Class?

Many problems facing this fast growing industry relate to the wasteful amount of non-renewable resources being used every day in the production of the cannabis plant. From the common practices of using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides, to the destruction of forest systems and waterways, California’s booming new industry in recreational Cannabis must also become more sustainable, clean and certified Organic. The successful changes we are helping to spread will help the state to become a leader in clean green cannabis, which is not only better for the consumers, but better for the environment. In this 1-day Intro workshop Master Growers Max Meyers and Casey O'Neill will teach you the basic concepts of growing Cannabis using ecological design. This entry-level workshop provides a solid foundation for our 3-Day Intensive to be offered in August.

Some Key Benefits to Greening your Grow!

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