LEV05 Sustainability Immersion - Details
Dates:  06/19/2017 - 07/14/2017
Times:  9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Location:   Laytonville Ecovillage, Laytonville, CA
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Note:  The course can be taken as a whole for the entire month, or in week long increments.  (Look for the LEV 01-04 classes in the class listing to register for individual weeks)

This 4-week long sustainability immersion course will take you through a multitude of topics relating to the larger paradigm of sustainability.  We cover a wide range of topics from permaculture, natural building, green building and solar technologies to intentional communities. 

Week One:  Permaculture - introduction, greywater, soil building, site analysis & food forests.

Week Two:  Natural Building & Rocket Stoves - intro to cob building, rocket stove hot water heater & adobe construction.

Week Three:  Green building & Solar Technologies - rebuilding an off-grid PV system, energy conservation, green building, & building science.  Upgrade an existing solar hot water system.  Integrate solar energy with energy efficient buildings.  Codes, title 24, net metering, policy & politics. 

Week Four:  Intentional Communities - overview of Intentional communities, co-housing, & eco-villages.  Social permaculture - applications and design.  Legal structures for owning and sharing land and resources, zoning, codes, permits, Class K Owner-builder permits, tiny homes, Real estate, wastewater, well water, power sharing.

 You will be responsible for providing most of your food and performing 3 hours of work-trade each week.

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