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Current Courses
CC101 Green Your Grow - How to Grow More Sustainable Cannabis Cultivation
Dates: 03/25/17
Location: $295  Hopland, CA
Learn how to get started in greening your growing projects. The class covers, water, soil, heating, cooling, ventilation, pests, fungus and more. In this 1-day Intro workshop Master Growers Max Meyers and Casey O'Neill will teach you the basic concepts of growing cannabis using ecological design. Topics include: How to Save Up to 75% of Your Water Use ...
CC201 Green Your Grow 3 Day Intensive - Learn How to Grow More Sustainably
Dates: 04/21/17 - 04/23/17
Location: $795.00  EARLY BIRD RATE:  $595.00  Hopland, CA
Are you an experienced cannabis professional looking to level up? Or possibly looking to get your foot in the door to the ever growing cannabis industry? Building off of the introduction course, this deeper immersion gives you the knowledge and the tools needed to create gardens that are more diverse, productive, sustainable and self-sufficient. With medic...
LEV05 Sustainability Immersion
Dates: 06/19/17 - 07/14/17
Location: Laytonville, CA  $1200
Note:  The course can be taken as a whole for the entire month, or in week long increments.  (Look for the LEV 01-04 classes in the class listing to register for individual weeks) This 4-week long sustainability immersion course will take you through a multitude of topics relating to the larger paradigm of sustainability.  We cover a wide ran...
LEV01 Permaculture Immersion
Dates: 06/19/17 - 06/23/17
Location: Laytonville, CA  $350
The first of the Sustainability Immersion Series, Introduction to Permaculture, includes an expanded section on social permaculture.  Taught by leading experts in the field, we will also examine: Greywater Soil Building Site Analysis Food Forests  Check out the Laytonville Eco-Village Website for more information, then register through SLI...
LEV02 Natural Building & Rocket Stoves
Dates: 06/26/17 - 06/30/17
Location: Laytonville, CA  $350
The second installment of the Sustainability Immersion Series is an introduction to cob building and rebuilding a rocket stove hot water heaters using adobe contruction.  Check out the Laytonville Eco-Village Website for more information, then register through SLI.  Note:  You are responsible for providing most of your food and performi...
LEV03 Green Building & Solar Technologies
Dates: 07/03/17 - 07/07/17
Location: Laytonville, CA  $350
Our third week in the Sustainability Immersion Series is a busy one.  We'll be retrofitting an off-grid Solar PV system and upgrading an existing solar hot water system.  We'll go over energy conservation, green building and building science while integrating solar energy with energy efficient buildings, focusing on maximum energy efficiency. ...
LEV04 Intentional Communities
Dates: 07/10/17 - 07/14/17
Location: Laytonville, CA  $350
Our final week in the Sustainability Immersion Series is centered on Intentional Communities.  We'll begin with an overview of existing intentional communities, co-housing and ecovillages and explore the legal structures for owning and sharing land and resources including zoning, codes, permits, and Class K Owner-Builder permits. We also specific appli...
Camp Back to your Roots
Dates: 07/13/17 - 07/16/17
Location: Hopland, CA  $695 - $895
Check in and registration begins at 11:30am on Thursday.  The camp ends at 2:00pm on Sunday. You’ll get creative with arts and crafts, participate in a scavenger hunt, get your hands dirty in the garden, share your talents, and dream deeply under the stars. Adventure, nature-based, and wellness day activities take place both on the grounds of the Cen...


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