Doug Livingston

Doug Livingston is a NABCEP Certified Solar Installer and worked for Real Goods as a solar systems project engineer for eight years. He now works as an independent consultant, designing and installing solar and hydroelectric systems locally and internationally, and works on various aspects of the California Energy Commission's Renewable Energy programs.

Current Courses
PV190 Intro to Off Grid Systems
Dates: 05/22/17 - 05/23/17
Location: Hopland, CA $325
Are you ready to declare your energy independence by taking an active role in installing your own (residential or commercial) off-grid renewable energy system? This two-day workshop provides an introduction to off-grid solar, wind and hydroelectric systems, which—individually or in tandem—allow homeowners to generate electricity without dependence on the...
PV290 Off Grid Systems for Pros
Dates: 05/24/17 - 05/25/17
Location: Hopland, CA $375
This two-day advanced class in off-grid PV covers the complex world of hybrid power systems, which integrate multiple energy sources (PV, wind power, small hydro, and generators) to satisfy the electrical demand of off-grid sites. This workshop is intended for advanced owners/builders and others {more} with PV and electrical backgrounds who are interested in...
PV300 Solar Training PV for Professionals
Dates: 07/31/17 - 08/04/17
Location: Hopland, CA  $1195.00
This course covers the fundamental knowledge requirements of a Solar Installer Professional. It is accredited through IREC, and designed to address the NABCEP job task analysis. The class trains solar students and professionals with the skills needed in real world applications and prepares students for certification through NABCEP's PV Installation Professio...
PV 200 Solar Training Design and Installation Intensive
Dates: 09/25/17 - 09/29/17
Location: Hopland, CA  $1095.00
5-Day Intensive Solar Training.  PV 200 is an intensive solar training course that offers 40 hours of critical knowledge and hands-on practice in the essentials of photovoltaic technology (PV). The course content has been honed through 15 years of experience and is taught by experienced industry professionals.  If you are a contractor or electricia...


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