Dear Supporters:

Thanks to your generous donations, our Solar Living Center has undergone a sweeping make-over during the past three years, and now our 12-acre demonstration site is in stunningly peak condition.  Cobin sm  From Miguel Elliott’s (Sir Cobalot) charming Hobbit Hide-away to Max Meyer’s aquaponics systems and Hugo Sanchez’s landscaping magic, these individuals have been able to build and create new displays that express sustainability principles and inspire others to do the same. 

But we need your help to continue to build a sustainability model that serves as a refuge and beacon amidst these turbulent and bewildering times.  With each intern that we host, each school tour that we lead and each student that we train, we’re certain that one more heart and mind has been introduced to the benefits and possibilities of living sustainably. 

While interns are staying here on-site they learn to use natural materials for construction projects:  cob for benches, strawbales for homes, even pallets for small cabins.  They acquire gardening skills in our large organic garden such as sheet mulching, drip irrigation, composting, cover cropping, harvesting and preserving.  And they help host large events and are able to sit in on a wide variety of workshops so they can determine which of their interests will be most meaningful to their life.

donate blueMany a visitor to the site mentions that he or she took school field trips to the Solar Living Center as a child and now bring their own families to experience any number of small wonders:  the bee observatory, the bike generators, the pollinator garden or the fish in the ponds.  Students from around the globe including Ghana, Nigeria, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, etc., attend our solar training classes, and are eager to take their newly aquired skills and understanding to implement back in their own countries. 

The Solar Living Institute is able to offer these valuable services only with your generous financial donation and support.  In this increasingly frantic and disjointed political environment and with the natural world under severe threat, we remain a soothing oasis, offering alternatives that keep individuals and communities hopeful, vibrant and resilient.  I urge you to give generously for a financially balanced 2017 and a prosperous, and ever expanding 2018. 



Executive Director
Solar Living Institute

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The Solar Living Institute is a 501 (c)(3) educational nonprofit organization offering instruction in solar training and sustainable practices.  Founded in 1998, we have been providing professional solar training and a wide array of sustainability courses for over 15 years. Our courses are taught by experienced practitioners who bring years of real world knowledge to the classroom with a focus on helping students prepare for job opportunities, start businesses, and live more sustainably.

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